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Once the epicenter of Kansas's dust bowl, grasslands are now home to campers and hikers who want to see the vast landscape that made Kansas famous. It may come as a surprise that many of the best tourist attractions in Kansas are located in and around Lawrence, Kansas, a city of less than 1.5 million people. When people think of a tourist attraction in Kansas, they usually think of cities.

For outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Lawrence Biking Club and anyone who lives in Lawrence, Clinton Lake is a must - visit the place.

Nature lovers will want to see the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and its hiking trails and wildlife. If sports should take you to Lawrence first, you'll need to spend some time in the Booth Family Hall of Athletics, located on the second floor of the University of Kansas Center for the Arts and Humanities. Take a look at the world's largest collection of Jayhawks, which includes over 1,000, and see the state-of-the-art sports facilities, including a football, basketball and baseball field. For more details about the tour and the raid, check out a free Quantrill raid, the Lawrence Museum of Natural History, the Kansas State University Museum, and a free Quantrill Raid tour guide.

Finally, the downtown Lawrence shopping center on Massachusetts Street is unsurpassed when it comes to a mix of eclectic and classic stores. If you want to visit other college cities, check out "Must-visit places in Columbia, MO" and "must-visit places in Lawrence, KS" for more information.

The city and surrounding counties are bursting with historical and cultural heritage, from the town of Lawrence itself to its historic buildings, and there is much to discover. Many of the historic sites are part of a city that was the first in Kansas and has shaped the cultural and political landscape of Kansas for generations since its inception.

The new settlement wanted to remain in the state, but tensions were high between the state of Missouri, which was in favor of slavery, and the new city of Lawrence, as well as the states of Kansas and Missouri. The civil war enraged both sides of the political divide in Kansas, both in Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas.

Lawrence is a well-known live music city, but it also has a rich history, and in liberal Kansas you can witness history come alive. Two universities are located in the city: the state-funded Haskell University, with a campus that includes downtown Lawrence west of Lawrence, and the University of Kansas in Lawrence. The connection between state and film is anchored in our nation's collective Technicolor history.

Located in the heart of downtown Lawrence, this sofa bed robs the historic Coronado Roost, where locals gathered to start the day. In the same place is the wonderful Coronsado Museum, which celebrates the first Europeans to travel to Kansas in 1541.

The central part of the city, consisting of student districts, is easily accessible on foot and is ideal for a day trip. Lawrence can be divided into the surrounding areas, but this map is a half-block-long Kuldesac, which has a lot of great restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, restaurants and shops. The central part of Lawrence, a student-filled neighborhood, fills the neighborhoods and is easy to reach, as well as a good place to go hiking.

Uber is available in Lawrence, as well as on the west side of the city, and on the east and south side, with Uberbe.

Another experience that draws paranormal enthusiasts to Lawrence is the Lawrence Ghost Tour, run by Ghost Tours of Kansas. Events and programs also include tours of supposedly haunted locations in Lawrence and other parts of the state.

Clinton Lake is just 4 miles west of Lawrence and is one of the most scenic lakes in Kansas State, and you can bet you're right on the lake. On 7th Street between Kentucky and Tennessee Streets, there is a wooded gorge that separates downtown from Old West Lawrence.

If you're not an avid Jayhawk fan but are proud of Missouri, take time for a leisurely stroll around the KU campus. On weekends, when the University of Kansas meets for a session, you can take a self-guided tour of the Kansas State University campus on your way to Lawrence.

If you have a few days off, you can swing by and watch a movie in one of the many cinemas in Lawrence. Renowned for its fresh Tuscan cuisine, prepared with Kansas farm ingredients, this restaurant is perfect for a fancy date night.

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