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The Lawrence Beer Company serves familiar dishes that are creative and state-of-the-art. What started as a casual bar and restaurant in Lawrence, Kansas, just outside downtown has evolved into a brewery, restaurant and full-service bar that also hosts local art exhibitions and readings. The historic 746 Massachusetts Bank Building houses the Lawrence Brewing Company, a local craft beer and wine bar.

WheatFields is not a restaurant, but it is the best bakery and cafe in town and the only one of its kind in Lawrence, Kansas. Paisanos is known for its hearty, savoury dishes and generous portions, served in a variety of sizes, from small to large.

Chef Ken Baker keeps things manageable, but his team cooks some of the best dishes in Lawrence and serves things like pickled peach crostini and fire - grilled asparagus. Among some others is a quarter-acre garden across the street that supplies most of the produce for the restaurant. Here you will find a wide selection of local products as well as a variety of artisanal cheeses and pastries. These include a number of assisted living facilities, places that process food, operate kitchens and sell food.

If you have a kiddo looking for a hearty breakfast, check out this amazing granola bar. Try their handmade baked goods and eggs or try their grilled cornmeal cake, which is filled to your taste. At WheatFields Bakery & Cafe, where the walls are lined with works by local artists, you can sample the bricks - baked breads and pastries in the bakery. Stop by the sign for an espresso or latte at the Life Espresso & Book Store, 722 Massachusetts Street, and sample the best coffee in Lawrence, as well as a wide selection of artisanal cheeses and pastries.

If you prefer an outdoor table, Merchants Bank is also a great place to sample the local craft beer, wine and food in Lawrence. This beautiful old building was once home to the Lawrence Police Department and Lawrence Public Library. Brewmaster Sam McClain is super versatile and creates wonderful tart Berliner Weisse - Stilbier. There is a 30-strong selection of draft beers, with the chance to sample the best craft breweries from across the country, including California, Colombian and Vermont breweries, as well as some of the best craft beers from Lawrence's local breweries.

The food is also excellent, with daily delicious specials, and the exposed brick interior is the focal point. Johnston got into the brewing business by opening Fields of Ivy in East Lawrence earlier this year. His brewery in Lawrence has a steam-powered production hall, a bottling and canning line and a wood-fired pizzeria.

With a global palate, yoga offers the best local combination possible, and the changing menu offers dishes that appeal to all palates. Come to the kitchen, where the chef knows the farmers who supply them, or sit down at the bar.

Mexican cuisine, step out of your comfort zone and go back into the cool interior, sit back and enjoy the grilled mesquite. As the restaurant's slogan says, this quiet restaurant with fresh margaritas and Mexican cuisine in a quiet ambience is a must. Choose your favourites from a menu that includes local farmers, local food trucks and local businesses, or select your favourites at no extra cost.

If you're looking for a restaurant that offers Mexican-inspired cuisine in an impressive, casual setting, try this Cielito Lindo. Hopefully you will also take the time to look at the ad and learn about a handful of these restaurants. You will get a lot more from your visit to one of the most popular restaurants in the city than from the others.

Sit in the small spot with the large windows and watch exciting sports while eating some of the most delicious margaritas and Mexican dishes. The Kansas Room is filled with photos of local legends, and on weekends, you can enjoy the lively outdoor terrace. Enjoy this restaurant, a Lawrence staple since 1997, or sit down on the terrace and take your seat in small corners with large windows.

This Mexican fast food restaurant has French fries and you can enjoy a great lunch with a glass of wine or beer at the bar or on the terrace with some of the best burgers and tacos in Lawrence.

This new restaurant has achieved similar popularity in Lawrence with its local ingredients. Southern - fried rabbit, but we're told it has seven layers of bean dip That is exactly the aim of the restaurant. The grill is rotten, with juicy strips of frog on the sirloin, and the Midwestern rabbit is grilled with a touch of barbecue sauce and a little salt and pepper on the side.

Co-owner Kathryn Myers tells us that the brew definitely has a chipotle aftertaste and pairs well with the steak. We're told mashed potatoes are the key to breakfast burritos, and we're told it's good for you, too.

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