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Eastern Kansas is the rest of Kansas that most people think they know from the movie, but Lawrence has a constant youthful vibe. There are a number of unique venues that contribute to the culture of the city, including a variety of bars, restaurants, bars and nightclubs as well as some of the city's most popular attractions.

Ted's bar was instrumental in bringing Lawrence closer to the lesser-known evil twin, the goat, and was recaptured on game day. Top bars in Lawrence with live music include the Song Center, Granada, El Dorado and the Great American Bar & Grill. After dinner, you can go to a party, nightlife or fair, watch live music in Granada and see if there is a cool show in the Song Centre. Look out for the Lawrence Symphony Orchestra and other local bands, as well as some of Lawrence's most popular bands.

You could also walk around the campus of KU and see if you can make a difference, but not get so drunk that campus security calls you for being overly aggressive.

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We always like to start our posts with nightlife, so next we will discuss the best places to meet single Lawrence girls, from bars and restaurants to dating websites and more.

Lawrence is about 25 miles west and there are many good things to see and do nearby, but depending on where you are, it can offer you alternative places to visit. It is home to pretty much all of the student nightlife of the KU, as well as many of the local bars and restaurants in Lawrence.

Here are just a few suggestions of what Lawrence has to offer if you are looking for a bar, restaurant or show. Downtown Lawrence is a great place to stay for residents and visitors alike, and is a great place to look for good food, music and entertainment. People walk around smiling, laughing and helping to recommend places to those looking for cool places.

A friend of mine who works in the same Walgreens drugstore in downtown Topeka probably visited Massachusetts Street every month. Nadia Imafidon is a native of Kansas City, Mo., and a former Kansas State University student. She lives in Westport, Kansas, near the city of Mo., and visits Lawrence to see her family, friends and fellow students.

Patrick Abbott, 24, said musical acts coming through Topeka are usually limited to older concertgoers who prefer classic rock, and the DIY music scene is under complete control. While Abbott said he enjoys the occasional concert at the Granada Theater, there's not much else to eat in Lawrence. The restaurants are mostly simple chain stores, but I can think of one or two local restaurants in Lawrence City and a few in Kansas City.

The Lawrence Parks and Recreation Department offers many opportunities, and the newly built sports pavilion at Lawrence Community College brings activities to a new level in Lawrence. Other Lawrence favorites include Lawrence Public Library, Lawrence City Hall and Lawrence High School. Guests can enjoy beer and a variety of food in local bars and restaurants, as well as in local breweries and craft beer bars.

Lawrence offers many nationally recognized educational institutions, including Lawrence Community College and Lawrence State University. The people of Lawrence are hospitable, which makes it a great place for those looking for housing and social activities in Lawrence, KS. If you're looking for a social activity apartment in and around Lawrence, Campus View Apartments are the perfect place to live. Here you will find the best nightlife with a variety of bars, restaurants, bars and clubs in the Lawrence area. We will be offering the opportunity to meet a single Lawrence woman every day, as well as a group of friends and family members from across Lawrence.

But we know that the number of people in college bars can be high, especially in the city of Lawrence. If you are not keen on smoking, this may be a place to avoid, as many people come here to hang out, smoke in the bars and listen to live music.

Tonic, 815 New Hampshire St., which operates Fridays and Saturdays, said it has tried several times. He usually goes to Tonic now because it attracts more people than the Jayhawk Cafe, also known as the Falcon. With the crowd on a night of big 5-0, there are even couples who go to the club for date night.

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