Lawrence Kansas Wyndham Hotel

The owner of an abandoned Kansas City hotel is living in his own home, potentially costing taxpayers an estimated $1.5 million in demolition costs. 41 Action News investigators found a Facebook page that a former employee confirmed belongs to hotel owner Andrew Marin, and also obtained images showing Marin's Kansas City liquor license, which lists the name Abraham Marin. Marin lives with his wife and two children in the same apartment complex as the Wyndham Hotel in Lawrence.

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Some of the fun activities you can do here are sunbathing on the sandy beach, playing beach volleyball, reading a good book or enjoying a picnic right on the shore. Bloomington Beach also has a nearby playground where your children can have fun while basking in the sun and chatting with friends. You can get a lot of time with the children by playing with them on land, helping them to build various sculptures on sand, throwing beach balls around and teaching them to swim in gentle waters. Or you can enjoy a picnic on the beach and work on your tan while telling a story or take a dip in the refreshing water to have a great time swimming.

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The beach also has a covered picnic area with picnic tables where you can comfortably eat packaged snacks. If you don't feel like cooking food and drinks for your travel companions, the Watkins Woolen Mill Hotel in Lawrence Kansas Wyndham Hotel is a great solution. To make your holiday more comfortable, the hotel has clean changing rooms and a large courtyard where you can enjoy your meals away from the sun.

Take your friends and family to Bloomington Beach, where you can spend some quality time together. You can spend a wonderful time with friends, partners or family while kayaking, canoeing or paddling.

Hillsdale State Park Beach has a nearby playground where your little ones can relax and sunbathe while you relax on the sandy beach. On the lawn you can play games such as ball throwing, frisbee throwing or a catch and hit game.

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