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Missouri's largest city, Kansas City, is now called "Podunk City," according to its website.

The epicenter is the stunning JC Nichols Memorial Fountain, just blocks from the Hyatt Kansas City Hotel. This hotel features free Wi-Fi and features an indoor pool and an outdoor pool overlooking the Missouri River and the city skyline. In addition to the outdoor pools, the hotel also has a full-service restaurant, a bar and fitness centre, as well as a spa and gym.

Best of all, you can order a cocktail or light bite from the bar while enjoying the view of Kansas City. The InterContinental Kansas City Plaza features a full-service restaurant, bar, fitness center and outdoor pool. In the end, the best thing to do in a Kansas City hotel with a pool is to stay indoors and out. It is not a bad idea to stay a few days or even a week at the Hyatt KansasCity Hotel, even if it is only free.

In addition to the indoor pool, Hyatt Kansas City Plaza features a shared lounge and fitness center with a restaurant, bar, fitness center and outdoor pool. InterContinental Kansas city Plaza, a hotel located in the same building as Intercontinental KansasCity Hotel, features its own swimming pool and private pool for private parties.

The city of Lawrence offers several hotels, including some along the freeway, and if you're planning to explore the area, check out St. Louis, which is just a short drive from the Hyatt Kansas City Plaza Hotel. The hotel is also located to the west of the city, south of Interstate 70 and north of I-70.

Travelers leaving or arriving at Kansas City will find the Hyatt Kansas City Plaza Hotel just a short drive from Interstate 70. It is located on the west side of the city, just south of I-70, and offers great views of Lawrence and the Kansas River and the Missouri River Valley.

Located 45 minutes north of Kansas City, this hotel is ideal for escaping the hustle and bustle and living in the bosom of nature. In Lawrence, 40 minutes outside the city center, there is a Holiday Inn Express. Our office in Lenexa, KS is located a few kilometers south of Lawrence and about a half hour drive from Me? It is one of our favourite hotels for business and leisure travellers, as well as for those interested in living in the bosom of nature.

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Although located in the heart of downtown, the suites are very quiet, making for a great stay, and even the rooms are great, warm and spacious. With a prime location just steps from the University of Kansas, guests enjoy first-class amenities and community benefits. Although a budget hotel, the Hampton Inn now boasts thoughtful facilities, including a bar, fitness centre, indoor pool and spa, as well as an outdoor pool with pool house.

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