Lawrence Kansas Holiday Inn Hotel

A few days ago, the Holiday Inn sign was removed and replaced with a simple one that says "Lawrence Hotel & Convention Center." There is no longer a vacation hotel in Lawrence, Kansas, just one hotel of the same name, but it is another.

Shull says the hotel will continue to have its regular business hours, but no longer as a holiday hotel. Shull said the facility could easily host events such as the Kansas State Fair, Kansas City International Airport and the World Trade Center in downtown Lawrence.

This type of project is unique because we have two clients, a hotel owner and a brand. The hotelier is tasked with ensuring that the result of the project makes sense, while the brand is focused on enhancing the guest experience, often through furnishings and fittings. We think of creative ways to make a bigger impact from the money we spend than creative ways, so the verified brands are excited about the direction this is going.

That sounds simple, but it helps us to strike a balance between the objectives of both parties. It also helps that, despite differences of opinion at different stages of the process, the common goal is to create an environment that feels more modern and welcoming to our guests.

Before the renovation, the aesthetics of the interior were dominated by a wooden railings and a footpath. The new lobby will have a completely new design, with seating areas, a new lounge area and a small meeting room for small meetings. While the rooms have been extended to the hallway, now that the grille and work are gone, the atrium will feel much cleaner and less cluttered.

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What do you have to say to me and others who have stayed at this hotel? Some key elements remained untouched during the renovation, such as the design of the lobby and the opening of the hotel restaurant in the room. The brand design review required a complete redesign of the entire hotel, from the outside to the inside. This process took almost two years until a complete renovation was carried out and the hotel became a completely different hotel flag and brand.

The Hilton process was closely aligned with our internal project approach and the efforts were seamless and on schedule. However, we now have a completed project that is both a success for the customer and the brand.

The client and the project team wanted the project to feel like a well thought-out - well-executed - redesign of the hotel. Our goal was to develop a coherent design that met the owner's vision and incorporated the brand's goals and objectives. Tell us the most rewarding and challenging parts of this project and share your thoughts on the design process.

In this case we have taken over a completely obsolete object and transformed it into a contemporary design. For the artwork, I worked with Kalisher to produce a collection of local materials, all of which are connected to our Kansas roots. It was useful to know the background to the decisions we made and, in some cases, to take properties that were fully dated and turn them into contemporary designs.

The green in the lobby and atrium feels more jungle - like and relaxing, but the rooms seem dreary and stale. Light from the large skylights is lost on the superfluous sidewalks on the second and fourth floors.

Soon the property will become a Hilton, a hotel chain serving freshly baked chocolate biscuits to its guests. More than 50 rooms have been added and 70 of these rooms will be extended to the atrium to take additional square footage for the rooms. The second and third floors of the hotel, which houses the Hilton Kansas City Hotel, will be expanded by 70 square meters, allowing for sofas and a larger living area.

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