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Hosted by renowned local and national sponsors, the festival showcases the Lawrence Arts Center and highlights art, music and film. It will also highlight the art and music of film in various locations throughout the city of Lawrence, Kansas. There will be activities for all ages, including free raffle tickets and door prizes donated by Downtown Lawrence stores, as well as various community outreach providers to help you learn more about Lawrence. This is a great opportunity to participate in one of the most diverse and lively art festivals in the country.

Children can look forward to tons of colorful eggs with prizes and sweets at Eggapalooza 2020. You can take part in an Easter egg hunt and then visit tents where craft and games are offered for the little ones.

Retirement has made some of us feel like we are giving something back financially to our community, but how can we get involved? Celebrate our planet by setting up a booth to show you how to get involved. Local nonprofits and government entities seeking funding for their local events are encouraged to apply for United Way of Douglas County funding. To stay connected, make new friends and learn more about things in Lawrence and surrounding counties, subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

Join your fellow adults from 21 years and up and set off for freedom - a day of fun; car-pooling is recommended. Watch the car show, play family games, listen to live music, meet up with friends and celebrate America with a festival that ends in spectacular fireworks. Join in and enjoy a great time with the people who watch the performers put on an unforgettable show!

Children love animals and laugh when they use long spoons to push Easter eggs into their own Easter egg hunt at Topeka Zoo. Children will laugh, giggle and puff as the animals go Easter egg hunting with their friends and family at the Top Kansas Zoo.

Check out our list of Easter egg requests to choose the one that best suits your time. This is the Lawrence Public Library's third annual storytelling event at the Top Kansas Zoo on Easter Sunday.

Single tickets are available to sponsor a table for the evening, and everyone can bring their own picnic-style dinner. Tickets for this annual event, available at the Top Kansas Zoo, are $10 for adults and $5 for children under 5.

Learn how to protect your employees and customers in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and learn how to protect yourself and your customers. With the spread of COVID-19 in Kansas, we have confirmed that all of our Lawrence Easter events have been cancelled or rescheduled due to previous events. Once we get it, we will get more details, but if you can join the parade or just watch it pass by, sign up and start the Easter fun.

Here in Lawrence and the surrounding community there are many activities that offer new experiences, new hobbies and fun for free or at minimal cost. Whether you're looking for a new hobby, a fun activity or just a bit of fun, our sales service allows even inexperienced buyers to stock up on great bargains and get a quick start to their holiday. We offer a variety of experiences that you can fit your lifestyle into, even if it's a week - long event depending on what suits your schedule and interests.

On Thursday, July 21st, Massachusetts Street will be transformed into a huge sidewalk sale and there will be several food trucks on the road, so mark your calendars. When you are hungry, you don't have an Easter egg torch light, but when you are on hunger strike, there is always food.

It is one of the largest Easter celebrations in the region, attended by thousands of people and sponsored by several churches and local businesses. Whether rain or shine, sun or shine, this annual event attracts buyers from many surrounding counties. This year, more than 1000 food trucks and hundreds of vendors will participate.

Lawrence students will start learning in a new year, just as they did in 2020, learning in-person. The Lawrence Community College Student Leadership Program (LCLP) will help local students become leaders in their communities and the community as a whole. Anthony graduated from Baker University in 2000 with a degree in political science and a bachelor's degree from the University of Kansas in 2003.

His mission is to help people of all ages to exercise their future and teach them how to plan the future they want. Mick has also worked in finance and sales and is passionate about integrating personal transformation into marriage, parenthood, work and all aspects of life. He is an award-winning corporate communications executive and owner of a Lawrence-based marketing agency and a member of the Kansas Business Council and Lawrence Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. She is the co-founder and CEO of MomsRising, an online community for mothers, fathers and children, founded and reviews films, is the author of several books and contributor to, and has reviewed films for a number of national and international media outlets including the New York Times, Huffington Post, USA Today, and Fox News.

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